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Covid 19 Work Statement

Hydro Gas Ltd

Landlord Gas Safety Inspections & Gas/Plumbing Work Covid Statement



When our Gas Safe Engineer attends a property, they will be equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Your well-being and that of other household members at your property is our priority while carrying out any gas pipework and/or appliance inspections.


So that you and our engineers stay safe, where appropriate, all our engineers will use PPE that meets Government and Health and Safety Executive guidelines. A risk assessment that is specific to your situation will be carried out prior to entering your property, which will determine the appropriate PPE to be worn, for example, gloves, face coverings.


What if the occupants have symptoms of COVID-19 or are shielding?


So that you, other members of your household and our engineers can all stay safe, we won’t visit properties where those living in the home:

● have symptoms of COVID-19

● are self-isolating


If you’re classed as clinically vulnerable, the latest advice from the government is that work can be carried out in homes of the clinically vulnerable, but workers should be particularly vigilant in respect of social distancing and good hygiene.


We will apply the two-metre social distancing guidelines within a property?


To ensure your safety and that of our engineers, we will apply the two-metre social distancing measures. We may also ask you and any other household members to wait in another room or go outside while the work is carried out or open doors and windows in the room they are working in. We’ll call you before our visit to check that you and other household members are well and that no one has suspected COVID-19 symptoms, is self-isolating or shielding. Which areas of the property need to be accessed.


Our engineer will need to access:

● the gas appliances

● the gas meter

● the roof-space (if appropriate) to check the chimney or flue.


If you have any queries please contact Richard on 0778 2263790

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